"Revterry is the prodigal son of a supernova and Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. When he was birthed, he shot straight out of the womb, did a double backflip, and ended up on a pull up bar. His feet have rarely touched the ground since. Growing up, his best friend was The X-Files and his hobbies included organized knife fights, smoking cigarettes to look cool, and hitchhiking across California to play gigs with his punk rock band. His experiences on the road helped him develop an eclectic taste in all areas of life. He'll never turn down the opportunity to watch a new movie, no matter how bad it looks, and can find a positive in even the worst productions. Revterry is an invaluable source of excitement and knowledge and it's easy to get caught up in the magical world he creates where he can guide you to movies that perfectly suit you, even though you had no idea they existed." - Elizabeth R. Betsy

It may indicate certain negative aspects but the boob-tube has been my homie for as long as I can remember only rivaled by my love of science fiction literature. I can't prove it but I'm almost certain I learned more from films and behind the scenes tidbits from my time spent watching AMC than i did from any schooling as a child. I like to think of my tastes as broad and enjoy all types of films from the more polished classics to the grimiest of shit. I get stuck on an aspect of a film and will watch every thing that has it, going through softcore porn to family dramas all just to watch everything a random string-budget director or b-list actor has been a part of. For me nothing beats the feeling of picking up a hard copy of a flick (maybe for the fourth or fifth time for the new cover), and I live in a massive pile of DVDs with a internet connection.

I don't know if you can call my contributions to this site “reviews”, I would say they're more spirited one sided conversations in text. I try to give a similar flow and wording to my IRL speech versus the more the polished framing that I attempt in my other projects. Just imagine that I'm excitingly ranting at you in person, in bursts that can visited at your leisure. Then imagine how Elizabeth R. Betsy feels dealing with that nonstop on a daily basis without being able to just close the browser window.

Along with talking about movies too much, I also doodle a little and write science fiction. You can keep up with my other shit here.


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