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There is no new review this week, I took the weekend off. Stay tuned, though, for some exciting new stuff coming soon (to be announced), as well as a return of the regular bullshit next week.
In this short intermission, I would like to thank those who have let me virtually vomit in their brain holes to date. I have reviewed over seventy films since 2017, and it's still something I look forward to each week. I can't tell you how much it means to me that people have reached out in response to the articles or the blog in general. There is a fuck ton of entertaining trash fires scattered across the web. If you have spent some time in mine, sincerely, thank you.

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Social media

I'm pretty sure it's killing everyone from the inside out and destroying creative media altogether. Also, you should follow me everywhere to receive site updates, catch my charming antics and witness my witty banter in real time.

Did you know VideoReligion was born on Tumblr? True story. Sometime in 2015, I started a side blog on the platform to spam VHS gifs and post tits away from my main blog. By follower count, it's the most popular Video Religion social outpost, even after Tumblr eradicated the female nipple.

Despite being somewhat exposed as a mediocre supervillain, the Facebook machine remains the go-to for mass communication. According to Google, it sends the most traffic my way. I like to imagine there is some A.I. tension there.

I think this is where celebrities and pornstars say stuff. One time Uwe Boll gave VideoReligion a shout out, and its probably still the coolest thing that has happened to me.

The newest social extension from VideoReligion, mostly, because I had no idea what to do there. There is actually a pretty strong physical media culture buried under all the celebrity babies and diet advertising. If (by the grace of the cinema gods) I attend a relevant event of some kind, you may find highlights and man-in-streets type shit there.


In the first year of the blog, I broke even by way of Amazon ads just before I had to re-register the domain. I work a full-time day job and VideoReligion doesn't exist to turn a profit. If you are a giver and feel compelled, you can buy me a Ko-Fi.

I also have a Threadless artist shop with rotating designs for public displays of affection.

Thanks again for reading. See you next week - RevTerry

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