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This movie was presented to me as a slasher, which never sounds appealing to me. I don’t know what it is about the word in association with movies but it always makes me think of something without substance, something that I know will leave me wanting. However, I haven’t been disappointed by very many slashers so I barely hesitated to say yes to this one and was well rewarded for watching it.
The main character, Mary, is played by Katharine Isabelle who plays the role so well that it’s almost as if someone found out that’s what her real day-to-day life is like and they just decided to follow her around for a little while. Katharine’s deadpan delivery of complex, emotional statements inspires me to be brave when I’m being berated for nothing more than to allay the insecurities of my super-macho male coworker and the way she (as Mary) fluidly navigates horrific situations inspires me to remain calm when things in my life seem to be spinning in an undesirable direction.
American Mary is about an ambitious and talented medical student struggling to support herself through school. As her bills fall further behind and with a demanding school schedule, she becomes desperate and applies for a job at a seedy club. During her interview, she’s confronted with a situation where her medical skills are needed in a “no questions asked” exchange for a lot of money, which ultimately leads to her involvement with a crowd of undesirables. Through her connection with the group, she ends up delving into the world of body modification.
As her surgical skills and confidence grow, she draws the attention of the male surgeons she interns under who invite her to a party. Under the impression that she’s being allowed access to the cool kids club, she attends the party where she’s drugged and raped. Rather than report the incident, Mary quits med school and delves even deeper into her body modding business, dealing with the trauma in her own way until the death of her grandmother pushes her over the edge.
 I don't want to spoil the rest of the movie but I will say the body count ends up being low for how much mutilation there is. The practical effects are amazing and had me feeling uncomfortable through a lot of scenes, even closing my eyes through one. There are a few moment where it seems like a love story might be developing, but it ends up being handled in a realistic and satisfying way.
I find myself thinking about this movie way more than I probably should, but every girl needs to have a strong role model, right?
 1h 43min | 2012
Directors: Jen Soska, Sylvia Soska
Writers: Jen Soska, Sylvia Soska


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