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Summer always gets me in the mood for certain things, a Slurpee®, if I can find a 7-11(none of that knock-off "slush puppy" shit), 90s punk rock/rap and corny ass "Massacre" films. I don't really know why, but there is something about a group of young people held up in the sorority house(or the Ol' Hockstatter Place, lingerie factory, etc) being terrorized by a creative, but sometimes confused killer that just goes well with the sunshine and soggy pants of the warmer season. It’s a sub-genre whose roots are soaked in self-parody and "pre"meta-humor. From its true classics like Sorority House Massacre to borderline slapstick rush-jobs such as Hard to Die, the "Massacre" style movie captures the lighthearted spirit of summer, along with providing ridiculous gore and excessive nudity. Lucky for me and just in time for the sweat to start pooling in my car seat, Chris Greenaway has slipped an entry into the cheese filled slasher category.
Hot Tub Party Massacre is a full-length feature from Chad Media, the folks behind Hooker with a Rocket Launcher (2015) and will be available soon from SRS Releases. In it we are introduced to the sisters of  Delta Omega, a sorority at a school that suspiciously looks like a community college, as they prepare for a weekend away at a resort most likely full of pillow fights and nude lounging. We are told by the local news that a killer is on the loose and some of the alumni start getting killed off around the school, one with an important message about phone safety. After the girls have arrived at the resort, unpacked and removed layers of clothes, their male counterparts drop in unannounced in what’s played off as college shenanigans (movie universe higher learning is a great but bizarre place). A few of them pair off for sexy-time before everyone starts getting fucked up by a dude with a mini-rake.
Writer-Director, Chris Greenaway is obviously a fan of the genre or at least pretty well versed in it. The film serves as a love letter, making sure to hit certain points along the way to justify its "Massacre" title. Victims make stupid decisions and match the logic of the film's influences. Hot Tub Party Massacre wears the low budget proudly, like a fresh pair of Payless kicks in 98, and is better for it. The kills are silly with great setups, the characters involved in some form of self-indulgence before being X'd out in the classic form. There is plenty of showering and a few of the very traditional post-coitus slayings(everyone's favorite horror trope) which is always fun. Look(hear?) for a cameo from horror legend Brinke Stevens.
Plenty to like for fans of the genre or low budget cheese. There is a grip of nudity but a little light on gore. A fun trashy flick that would go well between Sorority House Massacre 2 and Slumber Party Massacre 3. Chad Media was nice enough to supply an advanced screening but the movie is coming soon to VOD, Blu Ray and VHS in limited supply (as of 08/03/17). Pre-Order/Purchase at SRS Releases.
1h 12min | Horror | 2017
Director: Chris Greenaway
Writer: Chris Greenaway


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