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Its hard to put to words what appeals to me so much about this film. This kind of slipped out in 2014 and was on of the great James Gandolfini's last works. At the time I had hardly heard a word about it and had no real love towards Hardy (Bronson hadn't made up for "the worst star trek movie") but stuck in a situation where it was that or nothing, I jumped in about 10 minutes deep in to it.
The acting from everyone is almost perfect, even Noomi Rapace dropping and picking up her accent some how works. Tom Hardy's character is written and acted to give you an east coast every-man on the autism spectrum with a dark past, it sounds crazy but its prime, subtle.
The story its self, a crime drama, spends a lot more time in drama then my usual picks but never risks loosing my attention. A small contained story, well written but simple, it picks strange things to be complex about. It has grown to be one of my favorites of the recent years.
Also it produced my favorite screen cap (see above). Nothing crazy just a movie movie, but if you haven't give it a try.
Director: Michaƫl R. Roskam
Writers: Dennis Lehane (screenplay), Dennis Lehane (short story "Animal Rescue")
R | 1h 46min | 12 September 2014 (USA)

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