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I have a thing for Patricia Arquette (Just thought I should get that out there). Anyway, a scruffy but cute couple rob and assault their carnie boss and go on the run. Left with no other choice, they take refuge at a Hutterite commune where the man grew up.
Hijinx ensue as Arquette pulls some gags trying and failing to blend in while the man dies in a car crash, while with his younger brother (a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt), who is left alive. The Hurrerittes force Arquettes character to marry the younger sibling and go on a road trip, because.......god?
Look, this movie probably sucks and Gordon-Levitt's fake accent thing gets annoying after like ten seconds. BUT it has some moments, religion is funny and Patricia Arquette. Its also directed by fucking Spock!
Director: Leonard Nimoy
Writers: David Weisberg, Douglas Cook (as Douglas S. Cook)
PG-13 | 1h 33min | 8 April 1994 (USA)

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