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For our second episode, GrindhouseCellar and I (RevTerry) take a look at some crowdsourcing film campaigns from William Lee, Gregory Lamberson, Bill Zebub, Joe Sherlock, and Matt Gulbranson. Sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter have changed the way independent cinema is manifested, giving fans like us a way to show early support with our beer money. I swear we know more descriptive words than "great", "awesome" and "cool" but you will have to take my word for it. PS: I'm so sorry Debbie Rochon.
Revterry and GrindhouseCellar sit down virtually to discuss films and get intoxicated.
In their second episode the two "fanmen" take a look at recent small-studio releases, new trailers, and crowdsourcing campaigns. Along the way they learn about interesting upcoming features like Bullet Proof Jesus and that RevTerry can't pronounce a cult icon's name.

Projects (etc.) mentioned in the episode (always #SupportIndieFilm​):


-Dumb & Dahmer



-Channel 99

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